Wedding Music Guide

Solo classical guitar music provides an elegant and beautiful atmosphere on your wedding day. A battery powered amplifier makes it possible to provide live music for your ceremony either indoors or outdoors, regardless of the availability of electricity. Solo instrumental guitar offers many musical possibilities for your ceremony. Most standard wedding music as well as lots of popular music (rock, county, roots) has been arranged for guitar. There are approximately five occasions when instrumental guitar music is most appropriate.


This is the period of time when guests begin arriving, and you and your wedding party are waiting patiently behind door x. I usually begin playing when the guests start arriving approximately 20 minutes before the ceremony begins. I usually choose four or five selections of light classical music. A special selection for the seating of the Mothers of the Bride and/or Groom may be chosen as well.

The Processional

Entrance music for Brides and Grooms and the wedding party too.

Special Ceremony Music (Optional)

If you and your fiance are participating in a special ring ceremony, sand ceremony,

lighting of the unity candle, or communion, I can play during this time if you wish.

The Recessional

Sends of the freshly married couple, followed by the rest of the wedding party.

The Cocktail Hour:

A mix of light classical and fingerstyle arrangements of jazz standards, Beatles, popular music etc.